KYC transformation

NovInsight has developed strong skills and knowledge about KYC processes with a specific focus on Fenergo. This expertise was developed in different banking institutions since 2014 on all KYC topics e.g. AML/FT, Classifications, governance, etc. NovInsight experts assists you to deliver Business efficient and strong Compliant Operating model by

  • Reshaping your TOM : Helping you transform your Target Operating Model to make it efficient for business and compliant with last regulations
  • Implementing your TOM : Assisting you in the successful and timely implementation of your KYC Target Operating Model
  • Transforming your staff : Supporting you in transforming your company compliance culture leveraging on community

We are leveraging on our proven experience and SPARCK (Sponsorship, Planning, Alignment to stakes, Resistance, Capacity, Key indicators) methodology to secure and guaranty the success of your projects.

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