Through regulation and market pressure, Financial Security and digitalization forces banks, mutual, funds and insurance to adapt. To remain competitive and agile they have to reinvent themselves. This transformation only will give them the capability to be up to today’s challenges: Client advocacy, brand value, market shares, performance, legal responsibilities imposed by regulators.

What we do

We accompany our clients to transform their business and operating models to out perform the market, to spread an ethical culture through their staff, while being praised for that

Our promise

We accompany our clients’ evolution programs through an alliance. Together, upfront we ask the essential questions. We explore opportunities, find concrete answers, specific, adapted that allow to transform their models and organizations while remaining consistent with their culture

Why us

This alliance is possible thanks to two complementary “savoir-faire”:

  • A broad and strong “savoir faire” in banking from the inside: program management, digital and Financial Security
  • A strong skill set in change management: coaching expertise, training, co-development and design thinking

Our values

  • Ethic: Choose daily to positively impact our society and promote a long term vision
  • Agility: Choose daily to listen and be open to change
  • Client alliance: Choose daily a committed relation, faithful and authentic with our clients
  • Innovation: Choose daily to be open to new ideas, stay alert and seek concrete and realistic answers even when they are out of the beaten track

Our partners

Collaboration is in our DNA and we are leveraging on the skills and expertise of our community of experts to alway provide the most advanced advices to our clients

  • Digital transformation: Datalearning
  • Transformation and Executive coaching: Grant Executive Coaching and leadership Limited