Program Management

Managing program in complex environments

After 20 years in various sector, needless to say we have developed a broad view of companies strengths and flaws. Investment choices are a very challenging when it comes to change. Priorities, strong silos make it difficult to conduct small domestic or large scale international programs and yet, they have to adapt to ever changing regulations.

Following one of the large international program sponsored by the company ExCo we ran for a large French bank, we designed our SPARCK methods (Sponsorship, Planning, Alignment to stakes, Resistance, Capacity, Key indicators).

It took literally less than 5 minutes to the program sponsor to explain to the 70 people in the room during the kick-off how the project important was, the stakes and the necessity to deliver. You could feel the momentum, people’s pride to see their top senior leader talking directly to them without a high posture. Leadership, respect and energy she inspired to her staff was undeniable.

The project team replicated this pattern involving key users of all business lines every step of the way ensuring any changes will be fully integrated in their new model. Specificities to business lines were treated as exception yet always considered. Needless to say, the project budget and plan were rigorously followed up and despite some delays, it delivered pretty much in time.

Simply enough, it takes 6 key indicators to assess a project or manage it over time: SPARCK applies to any context and any industry. From the assessment to the project office, the delivery quality or the communication to the sponsors, SPARCK includes all the keys to successfully manage your projects and programs.

Whether you are considering a project diagnosis, project management or assessment, please, contact us to benefits from it.